St. Peter's Anglican  Church
The Anglican Orthodox Church (AOC) was
founded on November 16, 1963 by the Most
Reverend James Parker Dees, the first
Metropolitan of the Church after separating
from the Episcopal Church in the USA in
order to preserve the basic tenets of
Anglicanism.  St. Peter's AOC is a direct
result of that vision and takes a vigorous
stand for the Inspired Word of God as
presented in the Authorized Version of the
Holy Bible by King James I of England, the
1928 Book of Common Prayer, the Thirty-nine
Articles of Religion, the Homilies, and the
Creeds and Councils of the Church.
St. Peter’s AOC helps edify Christianity by exposing evil and preaching the
St. Peter’s AOC trains in the Bible, adheres to the Thirty-nine
Articles of Religion
, and worships using the forms prescribed in the 1928
Book of Common Prayer.  Its members continue to be part of a Worldwide
Communion upholding
Anglicanism under the auspices of the Anglican
Orthodox Church with International Headquarters in Statesville, North
Carolina, USA.

We believe that the Bible as given to us in the form of the Authorized
Version of the Holy Bible by King James I of England (circa 1611) is the
inspired Word of God.  AS IS – NOTHING ELSE NEEDED!  To believe that
God’s Word is contained only in the original manuscripts, which no longer
exist, is to charge God with a dereliction of duty to man (that is, a failure on
God’s part to provide man with His true Word).  We believe those who teach
that God’s inspired Word is only contained in the originals are deceiving the
common man for whom the Bible was meant to be read, believed, and
obeyed.  Providing a true to original Bible was a focal point of the English
Reformation which issued in
Anglicanism.  There are a multitude of
resources presenting the many arguments in favor of the Authorized
Version of the Holy Bible over the more than 450 newer versions of English
bibles.  The bottom line is that man has a Holy Bible in English that is true
to the original manuscripts.  That Bible is meant to be read, believed, and
obeyed as the literal Word of God.  That version is the Authorized Version
of the Holy Bible by King James I of England, commonly, the KING JAMES

We use the
1928 Book of Common Prayer in our customary form of public
worship.  That makes the AOC, to some extent, liturgical in its form of
worship, which is to say we have a ritual form to our public worship.  We use
the 1940 Hymnal for song selections to praise and worship God; we make a
General Confession, recite the Lord’s Prayer, read out of the Psalms, utilize
a lectionary which sets forth specific Bible reading for the year, recite
Creeds and praises, offer prayers, perform ceremonies, and celebrate days
and seasons (such as Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection) throughout the
year all from the
1928 Book of Common Prayer designed by men of the
English Reformation with edits to make it conform to worship in America in
the Anglican tradition.  Many see this as a type of formalism (negative
context) and as such advertise their form of worship in apposition to the
type we observe.  Misnomer!  All churches have a formalistic method of
worship.  Even Quakers, who did nothing more than sit and wait for God’s
Spirit to move had a system; the waiting itself being a formal ritual.  The
fundamentals of the Christian faith are contained in our method of worship
presented in the Prayer Book.  Its methods are designed to create greater
involvement in the congregation.  We stand to sing, kneel (or sit) to pray,
actively recite (thus learning better), and pray prayers together instead of
just listening to someone else pray off the top of their head, all of which
allows the individual to connect better with worship.  Our form is not so
rigid that it does not also allow sermons using scripted, extemporaneous, or
impromptu preaching; or prayers by ministers or members of a voluntary
nature.  There is form to all church services.  Is your church’s form
designed to worship God in spirit and in truth or accommodate flesh?  We
believe our form offers to God a form of worship due the only Sovereign of
the universe.  

The AOC requires that is clergy subscribe to the doctrines expounded in the
Thirty-nine Articles of Religion.  The Articles have been an integral part of
Anglicanism since the 1500’s, as prepared under the supervision of
Archbishop Thomas Cranmer.  For hundreds of years clergymen of the
Church of England were required to subscribe to them.  We subscribe to
these and doctrines of many English Reformers such as Hugh Latimer,
William Tyndale, and others of this period.  Their teachings are basic to that
which is “Anglican.”  Many of these doctrines are contained in the
which are sermons prepared for the use of the clergy during the early years
of the reformed Church of England.  The
Homilies are also an expression of
Anglican teaching.

The AOC teaches biblical morality as being the will of God.  Violations of it
are sin and must be atoned for by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross.  This
teaching must be accepted by a person or else he will suffer the wrath of
God when he faces Him, as he eventually will.  The AOC stands for the
preservation of law and order.  This is in accord with historic
which states in the 37th of the
Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, “…we hold
it to be the duty of all men who are professors of the Gospel, to pay
respectful obedience to the Civil Authority, regularly and legitimately

The Founders of the Anglican Orthodox Church were “old time”
Episcopalians who wanted to preserve their Anglican heritage, the Christian
faith, and the Book of Common Prayer.  We welcome you into our church to
worship God in a way practiced for hundreds of years.  The AOC is now the
only church in Christendom of worldwide significance that worships in this
way.  Our first concern is for the historic Christian faith.  Christianity is
founded on God our Father’s revelation of Himself to the world through His
divinely appointed Son, knowledge of whom has been committed truthfully
to us through the Scriptures and through the Holy Spirit and through a
faithful ministry.  We wish it to be clearly known that we stand
unequivocally for certain elements of the orthodox faith that we consider
basic and particularly relevant, being: the Virgin Birth of our Lord as
historic fact, the Divinity of our Lord, the Atoning Sacrifice of the Cross,
the Resurrection of our Lord from the grave leaving the tomb empty on
Easter morning, the Second Coming of Jesus, and the Salvation by Grace
through Faith alone.

The AOC is continuing an Anglican tradition discontinued by many
churches today.  Church worship is being changed, the Christian faith of old
is being denied, and immoral practices are being condoned.  The AOC wants
to preserve the church as it has been known, to preserve its witness to the
Christian Gospel and to the love of God seen in the ministry of our Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ.  A church in which your children can find forgiveness
of their sins, God’s peace, the blessed sacraments, strength and joy for day-
by-day living, and the blessed assurance of salvation and eternal life.  Our
church is not a new church.  It is the old church with a new name which
expresses what it is, Anglican in heritage and orthodox in faith, which is
biblical; a church based on the ancient creeds and apostolic teachings.
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